No Child Left Behind

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

The goal of the federal law, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), is to have all students, at a minimum, reach proficiency on state assessments by 2013-14. States are to have a single, statewide accountability system to ensure that goal is reached. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is the method for measuring movement toward that goal.

Adequate yearly progress applies to all public schools, districts and each state. AYP is determined separately for reading and mathematics. Any school or district that does not make AYP for two consecutive years in one content area is identified for improvement. To make AVP schools, districts, and the state much meet or exeed the yearly targets on the state assessments, participation rates, graduation rates, and attendance rates. Following is a short overveiw of each of the areas:

State Assessments and the AYP

    • AYP is based on the percentage of students who are at proficient or above on the reading and mathematics state assessments.
    • AYP includes the general assessments, assessments with accommodations, modified assessments, and alternate assessments.
    • The performance levels were changed so that satisfactory and above on previous assessments are now proficient and above.
    • All students are expected to take the state assessments.
    • AYP will be calculated on only those students who have been in the school and/or district since September 20.
    • All students and all disaggregated groups must meet the annual target for a school or disrict to make AYP.
    • Disaggregated groups include students with disabilities, English language learners, students on free and reduced meals, and major racial/ethnic groups.
    • Data is disaggregated when the size of any subgroup across grades is 30 or more.

Starting points and annual targets

    • AYP is determined separetly for K-8 and 9-12.
    • The feeder pattern is used when schools do not have state assessments.
    • To make AYP for 2002-03, school and districts must be at or above the starting points. The first annual target is the same as the starting point.
    • Starting points for K-8 are 51.2% of students being proficient in reading and 46.8 in math.
    • Starting points for 9-12 are 44.0% of students being proficient in reading and 29.1% in math.

Participation Rates

  • All Students are expected to participate in state assessments.
  • At least 95% of the students must participate in the state assessments to meet AYP.
  • No students or groups of students may be deliberately excluded.
  • Participation rates are based on the enrollment in the school on the first day of testing.

Graduation Rules

  • Rates are based on same group (cohort group) of students 9th to 12th grade.
  • GEDs are not included in graduation rates.
  • To make AYP, a school or district must either meet or exceed the rate set by KSDE or show an increase from previous year.
  • State rate is not yet set.

Attendance Rates

  • Attendance rate is the average daily attendance divided by the average daily membership; this is not new.
  • To make AYP, a school or district must either meet or exceed the rate set by KSDE (90%) or show an increase from previous year.