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Survey Question of the Week

What is your favorite slang term?

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Get to know the students of

Burlingame High School!

Day in the life of Roman Bayless:

Monday/ Wednesday Schedule Tuesday/Thursday Schedule

7:30 am- Wake up and get around 7:00 am- Wake up and get around

8:30 am- College classes 8:13 am- VPL

11:30 am- Seminar with Bingham 9:44 am- Independent Study with Brabb

11:48 am- American History 11:28 am- Seminar with Bingham

12:18 pm- Lunch 11:48 am- Cabinet Making

12:48 pm- Back to American History 12:18 pm- Lunch

1:50 pm- English with Welch 12:48 pm- Back to Cabinet Making

3:30 pm- Go to practice/home 1:50 pm- P.E.

3:30 pm- Go to practice/home