A comical play for 7th - 12th grades (not a musical)

* Parts will be assigned from those who come to try out and many parts can be played by a boy or a girl. *

This play, with its frantically funny plot, adds some comical twists to the classic story. Robin, in his never-ending quest to aid the needy, encounters a lovely damsel in distress. The ever scheming evil Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John are obsessed with catching Robin. the good nature'd Town Crier manages to communicate with both the audience and the characters. It sure is hard to be humble when you're part of Robin's swashbuckling, through not very bright, Merry Band. It all leads to some unusual happening in Sherwood Forest!

Play Practices are usually planned to be twice a week.

Sign up sheets will be in the office starting August 20th. When you pick up try out materials, don't forget to also get the information sheet as well. It will tell times we are available to help you prepare speaking parts.

Pictures will be available soon.