Fall 2020 Professional Development Training

Google Classroom - Beginner Tutorial

Basic setup and features for Google Classroom

Google Classroom - Create a Quiz

Learn how to create quizzes in Google Classroom, including the many options and features you can use to make your quizzes more effective.

Google Classroom - Advanced Tutorial

In this webinar, we explored the grading settings, Originality Reports, rubrics and the Google Classroom mobile app features.

Google Meet - Detailed Overview

Google Meet - Prevent Joining Early or Rejoining

Google will patch this out soon™

Google Meet - Scheduling with Google Calendar

Setup Meets for specific dates and times.

Loom - Browser Extension

Video and screen recording

Loom - Desktop Application

Video Basics

Tips and techniques on lighting, audio, etc. for class online meetings or for recording videos you want to push out to your students.

Google Slides….Beyond the Presentation

Learn various ways to use Google Slides besides just as a presentation tool. Participants will see how to turn Google slides into interactive assignments, certificates, discussion boards and more.

Google’s Be Internet Awesome

Educators recognize that the true value of technology is only realized by having a safe, positive, and responsible experience online. Today, many educators feel they don’t have the resources and knowledge to teach digital citizenship skills to their students. In this presentation, you’ll find tools to facilitate discussions around the concept of digital citizenship and resources to teach fellow educators about the Be Internet Awesome curriculum.

Google Tour Creator

With Google Tour Creator, you or your students can create 360 degree tours that can be shared and viewed in a variety of ways. Google Tours are a great way to share information in many different curricular areas. This session will show you the basics of how to create a Google Tour.

Recording Lessons for Continuous Learning

Record your lessons in Screencastify and share them with students using Pear Deck/Google Slides.

Google Slides: A Tool for Creating Adapted Books

How to adapt books for students with disabilities and the copyright laws of doing this are discussed. Learn how to create fully interactive, accessible books in Google Slides using audio, video, action buttons, and animation.

Pear Deck

Learn how to design brilliant slides for engaging lessons using the Pear Deck for google slides Add-on. This presentation is a bit fast paced and will cover how to use templates to add formative assessments, polls, and interactive activities. You’ll also see examples of best practices to help cultivate an engaging classroom with Pear Deck both in-person and in remote learning environments.

Slower paced, in depth look into Pear Deck and Nearpod. A quick overview of Mentimeter.

-Pear Deck - 1 hour

-Nearpod - 40 minutes

-Mentimeter - 15 minutes

-Q&A - 5+ minutes


A training tool for using zoom and Google meets. Includes extensions for Google meets like attendance counters and virtual backgrounds. Comparison of the two platforms.

Book Creator

Learn how to transform your classroom using Book Creator. The discussion will cover why publishing work motivates and engages students and how it will radically improve the quality of their work.


Screencastify Submit is the easiest way to request videos from your students whether you’re in a traditional classroom or connecting with your students remotely. You will learn a few tips and strategies for having your students explain their thinking, engage with each other, and share their ideas through video.

Building Classroom Community...

... in a virtual, remote environment.

This is a resource that has several recorded webinars covering all kinds of topics. Paras, there is a webinar for you in here.

Strategies for teacher self care to reduce stress and increase health habits for educators in stressful times.

A collection of recorded webinars covering a variety of topics.