April was Autism Awareness month. In 2018, autism was diagnosed in every 1 in 44 children according to the CDC. In March 2023, the CDC reported that the prevalence of the diagnosis of autism is now 1 in 36 children. Autism is four times as likely to be diagnosed in boys than girls. This makes it very probable that we all know someone with autism.   Here at Burlingame Schools, we made the month of April a time to advocate, support, encourage and increase awareness for the neurological/developmental disorder known as autism. Burlingame's 6B PE class was chosen as the most inclusive class for students with special needs for the 2022-2023 school year. Both Mr. West and the students work diligently to acknowledge and include all students in the activities and expectations of the class. Students were surprised with a pizza and doughnut brunch on April 26, 2023.