Households may complete an Application for Free or Reduced Price School Meals during the 2023-2024 enrollment process or on the school website at

Students who wish to purchase extra milk or extra entrees will need to keep a healthy balance in their lunch account in order to cover such purchases. These items will be charged to each student's lunch account and should be prepaid to the school office. Parents/guardians will be notified if the lunch account is low in funds.

Grades K-2 snack milks will be $.50 per milk. They are not free so please send money accordingly.

2023-2024 Meal Prices:
Elementary(PreK-5) -$2.15 Breakfast, $3.25 Lunch
Junior High (6-8)-$2.15 Breakfast, $3.40 Lunch
High School (9-12)-$2.15 Breakfast, $3.50 Lunch
Reduced Price-(PreK-12)-$.30 Breakfast, $.40 Lunch
Snack Milk (K-2)-$.50